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Can I add a rating inside my WordPress post’s content?

We created a special shortcode you can use inside your posts / pages editor.

For post ratings:

  • Current post rating - [ratingwidget]
  • Specified post rating - [ratingwidget post_id=123]

For page ratings:

  • Current page rating - [ratingwidget type="page"]
  • Specified page rating - [ratingwidget type="page" post_id=123]

For random ratings (not bound to any page/post):

  • Rating - [ratingwidget_raw id="1" title="my-title" type="page"]

Rich-Snippets support:
If you are using our Professional or Business plan which supports Rich-Snippets integration, and you want that the rendered rating will have the relevant schema, please add the add_schema=true attribute to the shortcode. For example:
[ratingwidget post_id=123 add_schema=true]

Note: If you already have a rating with on the same page, adding additional rating with metadata will confuse search engines, and will cause your ratings disappear from SERP.

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