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Five Star Ratings for WordPress: Posts, Pages, Comments, User Profiles, BuddyPress, bbPress and more.

RatingWidget for WordPress is the most user-friendly five star rating WordPress plugin. Packed full of features, perfectly integrated into your self-hosted WordPress.org website.

  • Engage Your Visitors in a Click of a Button

    Show users you care by providing a one-click feedback functionality to your WordPress blog.

  • Instant Feedback for Your WordPress Content

    Continually improve your blog's content by learning what your readers like most.

  • Decorate Your Blog with Beautiful Ratings

    With more than 70 beautiful five-star rating themes and thumbs rating designs, give your blog an eye-catching look with easy customization.

  • SEO Friendly: Increase Search Traffic with Rich-Snippets *

    Professional plan users enjoy the popular Rich-Snippets feature - makes search results stand out among the crowd and increases CTR.

RatingWidget powers ratings in over 180,000 blogs

We've helped our customers get feedback from over 300 million readers

  • RatingWidget is in my eyes the best WordPress rating plugin out there. Everyone thinking about a rating plugin on his site should give it a try.
    Matthias Hultsch Online Manager at Berendsohn AG
  • The friendly service and fast support we've received are top-notch! The RatingWidget is a perfect solution to many of our clients, very easy to customize and scale.
    Byron Atkinson Owner, Boost by Design
  • RatingWidget was an ideal and unexpectedly simple solution for gathering feedback on our website.
    Alex Ghita Owner, Litter Pal
  • Swift Plugin Install

    We strongly believe in the KISS methodology (Keep it Simple Stupid). Therefore, we have designed the plugin setup process to be incredibly simple. Just install the plugin and everything will work out of the box – No configurations! Free of Hassle.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Swift Plugin Install
  • Increase Search CTR with Google Rich-Snippets

    RatingWidget will add a special Rich-Snippets metadata that will add star ratings right into your content's Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This will make your SERP more attractive and eye-catching! The Rich-Snippets are designed to provide users a sense of what the webpage may include, and help them discover blogs that are directly relevant to their searches, resulting in higher click-through rates. Ratings in SERP can help users to better identify pages with high quality content.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Increase Search CTR with Google Rich-Snippets
  • Highly Customizable & User-Friendly

    We made every piece of the ratings customizable with our user-friendly WYSIWYG settings pages right at the plugin's settings. You can change the language, rating type, theme, size, label's font & colors, layout, alignment and more. No CSS or PHP code required!

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Highly Customizable & User-Friendly
  • Largest Themes Collection on the Web

    Make your ratings look stunning by selecting your favorite ratings style from the largest ratings themes collection on the web. And if you can't find something you like, you can set your own personal design *.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Largest Themes Collection on the Web
  • Manage like a King

    Stay in your comfort zone! All the essential settings are configured right in your WordPress management dashboard.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Manage like a King
  • Continues Support and Updates

    The RatingWidget is not a side-project maintained by a sole developer (anymore). We are a growing company with customer support team, and we continuously improve the ratings platform, especially the WordPress plugin.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Continues Support and Updates
  • Stay on top of your Data *

    Analyze your ratings data with our advanced analytics. Identify trends, monitor ratings activity and moderate visitors' votes with our powerful moderation dashboard.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Stay on top of your Data *
  • Mobile Optimized

    With the rising era of mobile devices and the constant grow in mobile traffic, the plugin was specially optimized for Android and iOS. The adapted WordPress plugin's mobile UX (User Experience) is intuitive, more visible and designed for easy voting. Yet, consistent with the desktop look and feel. Read more →

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Mobile Optimized
  • BuddyPress Like Button

    One of the most popular features on Facebook is the Like button. BuddyPress does not have this ability out of the box. RatingWidget will fill that gap by adding the famous Like button to your BuddyPress activity updates and comments. Moreover, the plugin is integrated with BuddyPress user profile and will add a cool 5-star ratings to the profile pages so users can rate their fellow community members.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: BuddyPress Like Button
  • bbPress Integrated *

    User's reputation system in a forum is a must have feature. Otherwise, there's no way to evaluate the credibility the forum replies. RatingWidget for WordPress is the only bbPress ratings plugin that adds an intelligent reputation system to bbPress. Your users' ratings will be the aggregated average score of all user's activity. You will be amazed to see how quickly the quality of your forum's content improves. Read more →

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: bbPress Integrated *
  • Multilingual

    The RatingWidget ratings are translated into more than 40 languages.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Multilingual
  • Increase Pageviews
    and Time on Site

    Our Top-Rated Widget and the automated recommendations engine will constantly show your top rated posts in a beautiful engaging thumbnails view. Moreover, immediately after a visitor votes, a pop-up bubble will show with a recommended to draw to another piece of content on your site.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Increase Pageviews<br> and Time on Site
  • Built for Scale

    Not like other WordPress plugins, the RatingWidget data is stored remotely on our servers. Moreover, the ratings rendering is processed dynamically on the client side with a lightweight JavaScript. Therefore, you can scale your WordPress blog without worrying about plugin’s performance. Rest assure that our service backend infrastructure will automatically allocate the required resources to support your traffic when it starts to spike. We already support WordPress plugin clients with more than 5M daily pageviews.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Built for Scale
  • Perfect for Power Users
    and Developers

    Take the ratings to the next level by leveraging our JavaScript API and the built-in Power Users settings section. Push it even further by leveraging our fully document backend API.

    RatingWidget for WordPress Plugin Feature: Perfect for Power Users<br> and Developers