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  • Aug/222014

    How To Add 5 Star Ratings Widget For Blogger Posts

    If you are a blogger and you have maintained to get a good visitors for your blog then you have to install stars ratings widget for your Blogger.

  • Aug/182014

    The Most Useful Widgets for WordPress

    This plugin helps you in creating and managing the ratings from the dashboard of WordPress. You can use this plugin for embedding star ratings in your blog posts.

  • Aug/112014

    15 free wordpress rating plugins

    Some time we need to add rating or voting plugins for wordpress blog. This is a smooth way allow users to rate or vote on your posts/pages or something else.

  • Aug/012014

    Best WordPress Rating Plugins For The Betterment of Your Website

    One of the most popular rating system for your WordPress. Having had a look at some of the best WordPress plugins, I would suggest this one to be one of the best.

  • Jul/182014

    115+ Best and Cool WordPress Sidebar Widgets Plugins

    Rating-Widget is a wordpress widget plugin, allows you to create and mange ratings from admin dashboard.

  • Jul/102014

    11 Marvelous Star Rating Widgets for WordPress

    Once you put up a site, the ratings that readers and visitors would leave to your posts will show how helpful and informative your posts are.

  • May/142014

    20 Incredibly Useful WordPress Widgets

    Rating-Widget allows you to integrate a rating system into your posts, pages, and comments. You can then display a list of your top rated articles in your widget area.

  • Apr/292014

    How To Add A Post Rating Widget On Your Blog

    An awesome Star Rating System that makes it easy to get popularity of your Blog, Online Shop or Website in minutes.

  • Apr/212014

    The 7 Best Free WordPress Reviews Plugins

    When you decided to engage with this kind of plugin, you are allowed to manage and create ratings with the use of WP dashboard.

  • Apr/032014

    6 Best Free WordPress Rating Plugins

    Unlike other rating systems, many people say that this type of plugin has the most user-friendly and beautiful star and thumb rating for any WordPress sites.

  • Apr/022014

    How to Add 5 Star Rating to your Google blog?

    Thinking of Star Ratings as a mini-poll for your posts. If you blog about fashion, food, crafts, quotes, technology or art I think this will be particularly useful to you.

  • Apr/012014

    Useful WordPress Rating Plugins for Review Websites

    A product review website always need a WordPress rating plugin to show the quality of product with stars' rating.

  • Mar/082014

    How To Add Post Rating System In Blogger/WordPress Posts And Comments

    If you want to get your visitors feedbacks about your blog posts than you are going to love this widget.

  • Feb/242014

    How to Add a Post Rating System in Blogger

    After studying the pros and cons of several plugins we came across Raiting-Widgets.com that works flawlessly best for adding a post rating system in Blogger.

  • Feb/202014

    Add Rating to WordPress Posts using Rating Widget Plugin

    Ratings can influence a person's likes, dislikes, interests, more than the actual content at times. Virtual version of crowd mentality I guess.

  • Oct/192013

    4 Top WordPress Plugins for Adding Star Ratings to Blogs

    My last recommendation is WordPress Rating Widget which is yet another brilliant and feature-rich plugin for enabling ratings on a WordPress blog.

  • Jul/262013

    Best Post Rating Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

    Want to rate posts in your WordPress blog so as to get feedback from your readers. The idea do sounds good at first, but selecting the right plugin which fulfils all your ...

  • Jul/122013

    How to Add - Thumb Rating Widget to Blogger?

    ating Widget provides so many beautiful rating plugins. You can enjoy the power of Rating Widget's Rating System which makes the blog posts most beautiful.

  • Jun/262013

    5 Star Rating Widgets For Blogs

    This rating widget is available in two types - star rating and thumbs voting.The star rating is available in dozens of styles suitable for all kinds of blogs and websites.

  • Jun/252013

    15 Efficient AJAX Based Widgets for WordPress

    WordPress widgets are a great way to add dynamic functionality to a web site.

  • Apr/292013

    Putting Star Rating Widget In Blogger

    Readers, sometimes don't want to give their comments of what is their reaction after reading the post, perhaps they are in hurry of the implementation...

  • Apr/182013

    10+ Best of WordPress Rating Plugins

    You can use WordPress rating plugins to help build customer trust and to highlight top content and products.

  • Feb/162013

    10+ Useful WordPress Rating Plugins

    The Rating-Widget Star Ratings WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard.

  • Dec/212012

    10 Useful 5 Star Rating Review - WordPress Plugins

    The Rating-Widget Ratings plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed ratings into your posts, pages or comments.

  • Oct/042012

    Rating-Widget for WordPress to solicit voting on your website

    The Rating-Widget plugin for WordPress allows her to post artwork and receive votes or star ratings on the artwork. It's easy for site visitors to vote - no need to register...

  • Sep/132012

    Product Rating Widget: Custom Rating Icons With Price-Link Control

    The widget is more suitable to the standalone websites/Blogger as there aren't enough third party plugins to back up their affiliate campaigns.

  • Nov/102011

    11 Great WordPress Plugins for Ratings

    WordPress is one of the popular CMS on the web and they have many plugins and widgets for rating purpose. In this post I have compiled a list of 11 best WP plugins.

  • Sep/302011

    15 Useful 5 Star Rating Review WordPress Plugins

    Create and manage ratings directly from your admin WordPress dashboard. You can embed ratings into posts, pages and comments.

  • May/182011

    20 Free & Premium WordPress Review & Rating Plugins

    The Rating-Widget Ratings plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed ratings into your posts, pages or comments.