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How to hide the content recommendations shown in the after vote report popup?

To disable recommendations shown in the report popup, simply add this code snippet

"hideRecommendations": true,

to your existing integration code options. Your new integration code should be something like:

    options: {
       "hideRecommendations": true,
       "size": "medium",
       "style": "oxygen",

WordPress Plugin User?

  • Go to Dashboard > RatingWidget
  • Select the rating type tab you’d like to modify
  • Scroll to the bottom of the setting page until you get to the Power User Settings
  • Check the Activate / in-activate checkbox to activate the Power User Settings.
  • By default, the hideRecommendations option will already be there as one of the examples:
    options.hideRecommendations = true;
  • Delete all other preset functions if not needed or modify when necessary. Then click Save Changes and you’re all set!

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