Get your Rating-Widget

Customize and style your ratings to look stunning on your Blog, Online Shop or Website now.

Live Preview

Customize Ratings

After you click "Add to Blogger", a new tab will open with your Blogger dashboard. Sign into your Blogger account, check the blogs you want to add the widget to and click "Add Widget".

Why do I need an account for?
Before you add the widget to Blogger we have to assign your blog with a unique identifier. Don't worry it's absolutely free.

Enable for Mobile Template

  1. Inside blogger window, under "Live on Blog", choose Template and click Edit HTML
  2. Click inside the text area and search for RatingWidget widget you've just added by pressing CTRL–F (Or Commad-F on OSX) and typing RatingWidget. You should see the following line:
    <b:widget id='HTML1' locked='false' title='RatingWidget' type='HTML'>
  3. Add mobile='yes' to enable RatingWidget on your mobile template. The new line should look like this:
    <b:widget id='HTML1' mobile='yes' locked='false' title='RatingWidget' type='HTML'>
  4. Click Save Template and the ratings should now work on your mobile view.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

  • How to customize the positioning of the ratings?

    Simply add the special anchor element below to anywhere within your template and watch how the magic happens.

    <b class="rw-rating-container"></b>
  • Can't see the ratings?

    1. Open your blog’s template and click on EditHtml: Blogger Template Section

    2. In order to find the main post template container, put the mouse cursor anywhere inside the code area and click Ctrl+F to start the search functionality. Blogger Editor Search

    3. Search for the following code:

      <b:includable id='post' var='post'>
      Blogger Post Template - Html Editor
    4. Then, expand the sub-template by clicking the small arrow next to the line number on its left and search for the following meta element:

      <meta expr:content='' itemprop='postId'/>
      Blogger Post ID Meta - Html Editor
    5. This meta tag is required in order to match each rating with its corresponding unique post ID, so if you can’t find it, simply add it and save the template.

      Hint: In many theme's you can search for:

      <a expr:name=''/>

      and simply add it afterwards.