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The Rating-Widget WordPress Rating plugin allows you to create and manage ratings from within your WordPress dashboard. You can embed ratings into your posts, pages or comments. PLUS, you can embed ratings into your BuddyPress activity updates and comments.

Download it now for FREE and start using it in 5 sec: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rating-widget/

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4.99 $ / mo

50k pageviews / month
  • All FREE Features
  • Remove (i) icon from Ratings
  • No Ads in votes overview pop-up
  • Secure Connection (Fraud protection)
  • Email Support

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8.99 $ / mo

250k pageviews / month
  • All Standard Features
  • Custom Ratings Image
  • SSL Support
  • Advanced Ratings' Analytics
  • WMPL Language Auto-Selection
  • Google Rich Snippets (schema.org)
  • bbPress's Forum Ratings
  • Priority Email Support

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Can I get rid of the (i) report button while using the free version?

Sorry, you can't! BUT, you can upgrade to the "Standard" program and get rid of the report button just for $3/month. WHY? The Rating-Widget is unprofitable project and I spent enormous amount of time developing it for the bloggers community with the incentive of making bloggers' life easier by providing them the #1 self-hosted rating-widget. Unfortunately, the maintenance and the support of this project costs money and someone need to pay the bills. The report button is one way to gain traffic back to the site to engage users see some ads.

Should I subscribe for the paying programs?

Don't rush it! We recommended to use the free version of the WordPress rating plugin first, get familiar with it and see if you like it. Latter, when you'll realize that you like the plugin and you want to get rid of the (i) report button or you need some extra features, you can easily upgrade your account to the "Standard" or "Premium" programs of the WordPress rating plugin.

What's the main difference between the free to non-free versions?

There are two Pro programs - "Standard" & "Premium". The big difference between the FREE version and the "Standard" is the (i) report button that refers back to the rating-widget.com website. Plus, you get secure connection layer to prevent impersonated fake voting. When you purchase the "Premium" version, you are getting rid of the (i) report button in all subdomains of your single domain, your WordPress dashboard "pimped" with Advanced Ratings' Analytics. In addition, you eligible for Priority Email Support.

I'm already using the free version, how can I upgrade?

It's super-easy! subscribe to the program that you are interested in. During the subscription process you will be asked for your current unique-user-key (FAQ: What is my unique-user-key?). After the subscription you'll download your Pro keys-pair (key.php). All you'll need to do is to replace the file with the one you have and you are ready to go!

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